About Us

Hello Everyone, Welcome and Thank You for visiting CoilWerx.com.

  • The Story

Like many other vapers in the community we all share the same story. From the time we walked into our first Vape Shop and purchased our first device. Whether you were looking for the basic device like an eGo style battery and cartomizer combo or for the intermediate device like a variable voltage/variable wattage and tank set up or in some rare cases, devices like mechanical mods and re-buildable dripping atomizer set ups.

No matter what device we were looking for at the time, we all share or shared the same story, and that was to free ourselves from the clutches of "Big Tobacco". To find a healthier alternative to the conventional cigarette and to live a healthier life.

  • The Passion
For us here at CoilWerx the passion and the desire for the best vaping experience has grown dramatically over the years. From trying out new and innovative products to helping others make the switch. It's also a strong desire of ours to help someone have an awesome experience with vaping and to eventually make that switch. This is definitely what drives the passion.
  • The Goal

Our Goal here at CoilWerx is to provide the best customer service experience possible and to share with you the most up to date information on quality vaping products trending on the market today at affordable prices.

Once again Thank You for visiting!

"Same Story"